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Employer Branding Games

Employer Branding Games

Client: Randstad and TempoTeam

Target group: New employees of Randstad and TempoTeam

Target: Get to know and understand the services within Randstad & TempoTeam and be able to differentiate between them.

In teams of 4/5 participants, players start investigating the different labels of Randstad or Tempo-Team. They have 20 minutes to navigate through a custom made virtual room to gather information and convert that into a 1-minute pitch.

Randstad & Tempo-Team


Let’s get ready to pitch!

All the teams then come together in a virtual cinema where they share their pitches on the big screen. The spectators take a seat and every team pitches the information about their label to the other teams. Each pitch is scored and feedbacked by a judge and the audience can give their reaction in the form of sending emojis.

With all the information that is shared in these pitches, teams are well-prepared for the next round. In the second round each team member opens a chatbot on their phone by scanning a QR-code. This customized chatbot presents them with cases and they have to answer which of the labels of Randstad/Tempo-Team is the best fit to answer the case. These cases are alternated with fun facts of the company, and team challenges such as an online scavenger hunt and making a team picture. Each team member answers the questions individually, but working together with you team offers an even higher chance of winning. In the end the team with the highest average score will be crowned the winner in a festive closing ceremony!

The onboarding Business Game is played on a fun and user-friendly online platform.


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