Improving the performance of your company through play

Organisations are always searching for improvement. We help organisations to deliver on their ambitions. Not traditionally, but by setting people into motion and, in the process, to discover and learn by doing. We have been developing and facilitating our games since 2002. In every imaginable form, both in-person and online. We always find the right solution in our ‘game-ambition’ model.

Customised or off-the-shelf

Our game-ambition model

Which game or combination of games are best suited for your company’s ambition? The hundreds of games we’ve developed in the past 20 years are our ‘gold’. All the ideas and concepts we came up with are used to create a customised game for you. We develop games that fit into your organisational objectives. But sometimes a standard, off-the-shelf game is exactly what you are looking for. We always have a solution. Introducing a new product line? Culture change? New organisation structure? Creative recruitment? It starts with Businessgames!

Our customised


Since the foundation of our company in 2002, we have been working with passion on a perfect mix of knowledge transfer, interaction and creativity for a wide variety of clients. We are proud to showcase these inspiring customised projects.

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How it works

Steps to a successful Business Game

Do you have a specific topic which you are keen to develop into a serious game? For example, onboarding, recruitment or the implementation of a new process? Businessgames is the right place for you. Together, we will go through the following steps to create a high-impact game:


Getting acquainted

It always starts with an (obligation-free) get to know each other, where we will define your wishes and ambitions. With the use of multiple examples, we will quickly reach a fitting idea.


We will present a game proposal and at the same time, check if we’ve correctly understood your wishes. If this proposal fits, we will provide you with a corresponding quote. You understandably want to check if it fits within your budget!

Game development

During development, we process the content and terminology that characterises your organisation, and turn it into a unique game. We will have a great deal of contact but don’t worry, we will do the work!

Pilot with a small team

Together with a small team from your organisation, we will play the game and run through what we’ve collectively created. Does it match the objective? Does it contain enough interaction?

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s

After the previous phase, we will fine-tune the game and make it perfect. Ready to play!


We take care of the entire facilitation, all the game materials, and we end the day with an elaborate evaluation. We guarantee it will be a truly memorable experience for all involved colleagues!

We never stand still

As real players we never stand still and we develop new ideas and concepts every day. That is our core business! Do you want to stay up-to-date and be informed about which concepts we create and which games we develop? Follow us on our social media channels.