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We develop and facilitate interactive Business Games since 2002. Live, virtual and hybrid: our games are internationally deployed. We are convinced that knowledge and competences are transferred better via an experiential way. By using our impactful games people step into motion and learn through play. Our concepts inspire, challenge, reflect, create awareness and give energy!


Our games

We work with proven models that we have developed in our 20-year history. We can ‘customize’ a game relatively quickly by adding your content. This allows you to play a unique, tailor-made Business Game. We have created an overview of our wide-ranging games based on the following categories:

Our customised


Since the foundation of our company in 2002, we have been working with passion on a perfect mix of knowledge transfer, interaction and creativity for a wide variety of clients. We are proud to showcase these inspiring customised projects.

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How it works

Steps to a successful Business Game

Do you have a specific topic which you are keen to develop into a serious game? For example, onboarding, recruitment or the implementation of a new process? Businessgames is the right place for you. Together, we will go through the following steps to create a high-impact game:


Introductory Meeting

Intake interview, which focuses on forming the learning objectives together.

Proposal and quote

We will come forward with an appropriate proposal based on the wishes and requirements.


Businessgames gradually sets to work with the supplied content (including intermediate assessments).

Pilot with a select group

Prior to game day, Businessgames assesses the game flow by means of a pilot. The pilot is with a select group of in-house experts.

Process feedback

During this phase, Businessgames fine-tunes the game. The online/live game concept is almost ready for use.

Game day

Businessgames provides professional guidance during your event.