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Client: fastest growing retailer of Europe

Location: eleven countries in Europe

Target group: branch managers

Objective: experience the customer journey

Every year, the fastest growing retailer of Europe organises the Store Days for their branch managers in each country where the company is based. We have developed a game focused on the customer journey in cooperation with them.

Retailer Business Game

Together with a personalised 1.2-metres tall customer the participants take a journey through an retail store. The journey is divided into five minigames, each representing a stage in the customer journey. The participants guide the customer from the entrance towards the acquisition stage, up until leaving the store. They will face several challenges with their customer. Are they able to keep a cool head and will they always put their customers first? High energy, time pressure and cooperation are key during this business game.

After eleven games in eleven countries, all 2400 participants of this business game have succeeded in experiencing the five stages of this retailer’s customer journey with their personalised customer!

Retailer Business Game

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