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Management Games

Client: Loyens & Loeff (Benelux)

Target group: All fee-earners (600 employers)

Target: Explore Leadership

After an astonishing introduction video and the following plenary opening, the participants divided themselves over different break-out rooms. In the rooms partners of the organization shared their vision on leadership. Armed with this information it was time to experience the features of leadership. In teams participants made firm decisions in order to earn the most points. But did they realise that not only their goals are important, but also those of your colleagues in other teams? After all, you are one company. At the same time, of course, the customer should not be lost sight of either. Are the teams able to find the right balance?

Each round was followed by a feedback session about the different forms of leadership and the importance of taking charge. All the participants noted their learnings in their passport.

During the closing drinks and the diner the main conversations were about the played strategies and the achieved results.

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