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Friesland Campina

Friesland Campina
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Serious Games

Serious Games

Client: Friesland Campina

Location: The Netherlands

Target group: all factory employees

Objective: to acquire knowledge about the way of working around Quality & Safety

In the production process, quality and safety are always the main focus points for Friesland Campina. In some cases this is easier said than done. We developed an interactive game, to make participants understand the impact of their actions, on the production process and therefore on the wellbeing of the entire company. Appealing for the target group, with the desired sense of awareness as a result!



How did we shape this game?

The participants were split up in teams, whereby each team represented a factory. In this fictional world there was a demand for infant nutrition, a product which the teams could deliver. In order to supply the demand the teams went through the dynamic process within the factory. Were they making the right choices at crucial times? Did the nutrition with the wrong test results get rejected? And did they take the safety regulations in consideration for each step?

The game highlights that a ‘quick win’ (to supply the demands no matter what) has negative impacts for the teams. Friesland Campina’s image has been damaged. Only when teams produce in a safe and responsible way, they can be successful!

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