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Employer Branding Games

Employer Branding Games

Client: Brunel

Target group: All new employees

Target: Transforming participants into true ‘Brunellers’

In collaboration with Brunel, we developed an interactive live Onboarding Business Game that transforms new employees into true ‘Brunellers’. The participants learn in a playful way what the culture and core values of Brunel are, what the organization looks like and who they can approach for questions. The beginning of their growing network is made. The new employees also get insight in Brunel’s strategy, vision and mission. The game shows the participant’s their own values and where they match with Brunel’s values.



Who becomes ‘Bruneller’ of the day?

After a short explanation, the participants start working in their teams. They start with getting to know each other better and coming up with a team name and slogan. Which they then present to the rest of the group. Do the participants know how to incorporate Brunel’s core values? Then it’s time to earn some puzzle pieces by carrying out various assignments and challenges. All different aspects of Brunel are discussed. A jury of Brunel experts judges the answers and solutions given by the teams and rewards the participants with customized puzzle pieces. A puzzle piece only counts as a ‘point’ when the puzzle is actually complete. Do the teams know how to work together? Not only the puzzle pieces, but also the bonus points of the jury count towards the final score. Which participants will be crowned ‘Brunellers’ of the day?

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