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Client: Bridgestone

Location: Hungary

Target group: 100 employees during a Sales Conference in Budapest

Objective: understanding the dynamics within the sales strategy

Which strategy is most effective for a company? A wide range with few orders per product, or a small supply with high sales volumes? A difficult question that many businesses are struggling with. During this game, we try to stay as close as possible to Bridgestone’s reality. It is all about the sales of their own tires. But how? We challenge participants to weigh in all pros and cons.


The participants are divided into supplier teams. Each customer has a unique demand (forecast). It is up to the suppliers to determine the strategy. Will they fulfil all customer queries? Naturally, this is an appealing strategy when a sales opportunity is being handed on a plate…Or do they go for a high sales volume with only a few products? If so, you sometimes need to tell your client ‘no’. However, you can buy in cheaper with larger orders, but you need to try to hold on as many clients with this product demand as possible. In short, an interesting dynamic that triggers exactly what Bridgestone is looking for.

The winner of the game is the supplier team that monitors their competition closely, that communicates with each other and then makes an informed decision. And this informed decision, is precisely what Bridgestone is in search of. Listening to the customer demand on the one hand, and examining margins, competition, variations in quality and sales volumes on the other.

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