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Serious Games

Client: Royal BAM Group

Location: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, The United Kingdom

Target group: BAM project teams

Objective: learn to work according to the Uniform Project Approach (UPA)

How can the new way of working (the Uniform Project Approach) of BAM be conveyed in a lively manner? And how can everyone become aware of the necessity to apply this new way of working? During this game, the teams carry out projects in the fictional ‘Dubam’, a tropical state where new buildings and road networks are emerging rapidly. In short, a region with lots of opportunities for a construction company! The teams first work according to their traditional way of working. However, they gradually find out that some information is lost when they do not document information in a uniform way. When team members also need to switch teams, all hell breaks loose.




It is at this critical moment that each team gets a large printed whiteboard. On this whiteboard, teams can accurately track the status of the ongoing projects and determine which factors are of importance. They can establish this by following the correct ‘flow’: a simplified representation of the documents BAM works with within the UPA (such as contracts, task descriptions, project designs, etcetera). The participants experience that following the same way of working produces multiple benefits! The game is played in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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