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Client: Royal BAM Group

Target group: Project Teams Worldwide

Target: Getting acquainted with the Uniform Project Approach

In the spring of 2019 we were contacted by Royal Bam Group with the question: “Can you make our new way of working (Uniform Project Approach) vivid? And how do we make everyone aware of the necessity of this new way of working?” Businessgames accepted this challenge with both hands!

We developed a game in which contestants realise projects in the fictive ‘DuBam’, a tropical nation where new buildings and road networks are popping up everywhere. Meaning, this is a region with high potential for a construction company!


The contestants start working according to the traditional procedure. However, along the way the participants experience that they lose information when they don’t have a uniform way in documenting. When the participants are required to switch teams mid-way through the game, it gets even more chaotic!

At that point, it is time to offer solutions. The teams can make use of large UPA imprinted whiteboards. On these whiteboards, the teams can accurately track the status of current projects and keep track of the most critical factors. They do that by following the right ‘flow’. The flow is a simplified depiction of the documents that BAM works with within the UPA (contracts, task descriptions, project designs, likelihood cards, etc.). The contestants experience that working according the same method gives many advantages!

The game is currently rolled out in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England.

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