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A.S. Watson Benelux
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Employer Branding Games

Employer Branding Games

Client: A.S. Watson Benelux

Target group: Last year Higher Education (HBO and WO) Students

Target: Recruitment

For many years A.S. Watson Benelux has been recruiting students on colleges. Until recently they would try to spark their interest by giving a compelling company presentation. Enlightening? Yes, of course. But is it a real energizer for this young target group? No, that can be improved! To encourage students to choose for a career at A.S. Watson Benelux, the choice was made to completely change direction. Together we developed a intriguing live game with a large playing field. All participants gather around the playing field and actively partake in the game. Each team gets their own shopping cart, which they need to fill with knowledge points (tokens) from the different departments: Logistics, Finance & IT, Marketing / Purchasing / eCommerce, Fun & Development and General company information. However, the teams can only collect these point when they answer quiz questions correctly. The game facilitator reads out the questions and guides the groups through the game. Besides that, the facilitator also supplies the teams with additional pieces of information, linked to the questions, which is appealing for the students. The team who first manages to collect all the category tokens in their shopping cart, wins!

The students learn more everything they need to know about the retail formulas of A.S. Watson Benelux (Kruidvat, Trekpleister, ICI Paris XL, Prijsmepper and PourVous) while enjoying themselves.

Additionally, they consume high-quality information, in an interactive manner, about A.S. Watson Benelux USPs as an employer, as well as the benefits for the costumers of these retail formulas.

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