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Employer Branding Games

During this game, students get acquainted with your organization and the market. Apart from that, your organization gets insight into the qualities of the students. So you know at once which students are suitable candidates for your business.

Our ‘Recruitment Game’ is interactive, informative and fun! Candidates think back on the day with a very positive feeling. And so will you. Having learned much more than only getting to know your candidates better. Strategy, leadership, taking initiative, negotiating and collaborating are all qualities needed to perform well in this game. Which students show that they possess these qualities? Which students show that they fit in your organization?



Customized Game

We make use of a successful game model, into which we “cast” your organization’s market. Participants here run their own business, a business that is a metaphor for your organization. They see which parties play a role in the market – your market – how suppliers and customers are connected and what interests play a role. They go into competition with each other and fight for the profit.

Previous companies who have introduced gamification in their recruitment programme through a ‘Recruitment Business Game’ include Randstad, Tempo-Team, ABN Amro and A.S. Watson Benelux.

We can customize the ‘Recruitment Game’ for any profit or non-profit organization. Whether for 5 or 5000 people, live or online, in Dutch, English, German or French, we can do it! Want to know more about this hugely valuable and informative game? Ask for an offer without obligation or simply contact us for an answer to all your questions.

Recruitment Game

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