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Employer Branding Games

Employer Branding Games

New employees get to know your organization in a fun and interactive manner. No one-way traffic, but getting to work themselves. Our game model focuses on the information that you as employer want to share with your new employees.

We chop up your organization, products and services into pieces like a puzzle. The participants gain information and put these pieces back together again. They immerse themselves completely in the organization, so that they can sell it afterwards and tell people precisely what you do and what you stand for.



Competitive, informative and lively

The ‘Onboarding Game’ is competitive, informative and lively. An interactive resource to not only share information, but also have people experience it. It’s no coincidence that our motto is: “Experience is your best teacher”. What’s more, new employees get to know each other in a fun way. They have direct contacts spread over the entire organization, so when they start working for you later they already know what they should be doing and whether they click with the team.

Previous companies who have introduced gamification in their onboarding programme through an ‘Onboarding Business Game’ include ASML, a.s.r. verzekeringen, Brunel, Loyens & Loeff, Ten Brinke and Van Lanschot Kempen.

Think our ‘Onboarding Game’ might add value for your organization too? Then contact us without obligation. Together with you, we look at how to make the game fit best. An Employer Branding Game is always made to measure and filled with content originating from your organization. The game can be developed as a live or online event. 

Onboarding Game

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