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Strukton Civiel

Strukton Civiel
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Serious Games

Client: Strukton Civiel

Location: The Netherlands

Target group: clients and employees who are involved in sustainability issues within civil construction

Objective: icebreaker around the subject of sustainability within tenders

Strukton was looking for a game that they could play with both their clients and their employees. The goal of the game was to start a conversation around the subject of sustainability demands within tenders. After multiple conversations with Strukton, we developed the ‘Go Green’ Sustainability game.

The participants of this sustainability game have to build the most sustainable overpass. During the different rounds, participants switch between the roles of client and contractor. To answer the question of a client well, the teams need to take all the different sustainability criteria of the overpass into account. Can they pick the right materials for the construction of the perfect overpass and, by doing so, meet the requirements of the client optimally?

Strukton Sustainability Game

At the end of the game, participants have experienced what the influence of sustainability criteria can be on building an overpass. By applying the game, it’s become easier for Strukton to have conversations with their clients and build together towards a more sustainable future.

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