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Client: Securitas

Location: The Netherlands, Belgium

Target group: new employees

Objective: onboarding

Securitas contacted Businessgames with a twofold matter. On the one hand they wanted to recruit new young talents to enter the versatile world of Securitas. On the other hand they wanted to give new-hires an impressive, interactive and fun onboarding. We developed one game that serves both purposes.

Businessgames initiated a Linkedin Campaign with a customized recruiting video. The video represents everything that Securitas stands for; security, safety but also innovation and their international presence. Focused on the ‘The Next Generation’, Securitas saw their participation lists fill up with young talents who were ready to play the game!


As part of the Securitas Academy, all new hires experience the important process of a substantial onboarding. Tailored to fit. By offering a good start, participants can be relatively quick up to speed with the company’s culture and the values of the organisation. It makes the overall program more fun, interactive and it ensures effective knowledge transfer.


How did we shape this game?

In this custom onboarding game, the participants get to work with varying client cases. Fictive clients that are in need of a fitting safety solution for their company, house, festival or project. It is up to the teams to share their knowledge of the different safety, monitoring and protection solutions. While working for the client, do they also keep track of the available budget? Do they offer the clients the right advice? And when needed, do they work well with the other teams?

The past couple of years, the Business Game is deployed twice a year as part of the official Securitas Academy.

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