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Employer Branding Games

Client: PwC

Location: Netherlands

Target group: Last-year students who orientate the labour market

Objective: Inhouse recruitment where participants learn about the PwC Deals Cycle

In collaboration with PwC Netherlands, Businessgames designed an intriguing online inhouse training. The participants, in groups of five, gain insight into different tasks and responsibilities of ten competence groups in the PwC Deals Cycle. At every competence group, they are asked to solve an issue concerning the deal. When doing so they have to assist their client as adequately as possible. Are they able to communicate clearly with each other in an online workspace and are they able to analyse information correctly? And when that is done, are they then able to come up with the correct solutions within the available time?



The inhouse day starts with an introduction given by PwC about the PwC Deals Cycle and their work dynamic. Then, students become acquainted with the client and they will face several challenges to better understand the Deals Cycle. The game design flawlessly mimics the feeling of ‘physically being together in a room’ even though the participants are kilometres apart in reality. During the game, participants can ask substantive questions to a PwC Mentor, who are there to oversee the training together with the Businessgames facilitator. At the end of the inhouse game, the students have experienced all the different aspects of the Deals process.

This interactive, virtual game is deployed several times a year for new groups of last-year students who orientate the labour market.

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