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Client: ProRail

Location: The Netherlands

Target group: employees and partners who are involved in the rollout of ERTMS

Objective: to experience how certain innovations contribute to the acceleration of the ERTMS rollout

ProRail was looking for an engaging activity concerning ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) as part of their event. A serious game which clearly states why the rollout of ERTMS can only be achieved when all innovation partners work together and are transparent towards each other. Businessgames got the opportunity to develop this game for ProRail.

At the beginning, participants are guided through an innovation market by a chatbot. Each market stall shares information about their innovation and allows the participants to earn points. The more information is acquired, the more advantages the participants will have during the endgame.

Throughout the endgame, participants will implement their newfound knowledge. The players choose different innovations (that were explained on the innovation market) to solve topics and concerns about ERTMS. If they do this well, ERTMS can be rolled out faster. Which team is able to turn back the clock as far as possible and save the most money?

After playing ‘ASAP Unleashed!’, the participants experience the impact of the various ERTMS innovations. They have learned from each other and with each other. The participants recognise that every innovation partner is vital to successfully rollout ERTMS without delay!

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