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Employer Branding Games

Employer Branding Games

Client: Princess Máxima Center

Target group: All newly recruited employees

Objective: A prosperous integration of new employees

At a Learning & Development inspiration session hosted by the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital, Businessgames was invited to share something about the game we developed for them. This story immediately sparked the interest of the Princess Maxima Center: “We want to do the same with our onboarding program. Let’s create an interactive and memorable game for Máxima, together! “

We started by identifying the patient journey of three patients, all with different clinical profiles. Subsequently we created a game dynamic around it. By matching general questions & answers about the center itself, teams unlocked past experiences from ‘their’ patient. By the end of the game, three completed journeys became visible. Every journey was presented to the other teams. This was done through the eyes of their own patient. How did (s)he experience his/her stay at Princess Maxima Center? What did (s)he go through? What departments were involved in his/her treatment (visible and non-visible)? And what was considered to be the best way for Máxima employees to respond to specific requests and concerns from the family?

Experts from the Center were closely involved and provided us with all the content we needed to build this game. Leading to a very complete final game: a content training with room for interaction, collaboration, team building and fun!

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