Perfetti van Melle

Perfetti van Melle
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Serious Games

Serious Games

Client: Perfetti van Melle

Location: The Netherlands

Target group: 120 sales employees

Objective: brainstorming and think of innovative solutions

How do you get the best and most innovative ideas out of your colleagues? With this question we started our project together with candy giant Perfetti van Melle. Businessgames simulated an ultimate battle, where all participants went head to head with each other. Dressed in a hand-made boxing outfit and supported by a creative yell, the teams entered the ring one by one…

In this big carousel game it all revolved around brainstorming. Divided over three rooms, the participants went to work with different Perfetti van Melle quotes. In the first round, the participants came up with stimulating questions on the basis of these quotes. They didn’t do this – however – on a regular piece of paper or a flip-over, but on gigantic writable puzzle pieces! At the end of the first round, the pieces were put together. The contours of the image slowly but surely became visible; the puzzle’s frame was completed. Time to fill in the other pieces.

Perfetti van Melle

Ding ding ding! Round two. All teams moved to the next room and continued the work of their predecessors. On a new set of puzzle pieces, they wrote down as many innovative ideas as possible related to the previously set questions. In this way, the puzzle’s image became more clear with every additional piece. After another relocation, the teams filtered and structured the best ideas on the inner ring of the puzzle pieces.

Under loud clapping and cheering, all the participants entered the plenary room again. It was time for the big capstone, the grand finale, the battle of battles! The participants ended their day by pitching their innovative suggestions for the rest of the organization. The teams with the best ideas and the best presentation won the coveted medals.


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