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Employer Branding Games

Employer Branding Games

Client: Loyens & Loeff

Location: The Netherlands

Target group: new employees

Objective: to familiarize with the different practice groups

Often new employees don’t know where to go with their (specific) questions. It can be hard to find your way within a new and large organization. The Loyens & Loeff  business game was especially designed to help the new employees familiarize themselves with the multiple practice groups (and whom to contact) within the company in a fun and interactive way.

The participants were divided into teams and each team represents one practice group. Their overall goal was to fully answer the client’s questions according to Loyens & Loeff standards. However, the client doesn’t know whom to contact with their questions. It’s up to the teams to make sure every question ends up at the right practice group. How much knowledge do the teams have about each and every practice group? Granting each other business and collaborating are key elements in this instructive game! The participants learn from and with each other and playfully explore the organization.

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