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Serious Games

Client: Krinkels

Target group: The de-icing-employees of Krinkels and NS (Dutch Railways)

Objective: Sharing knowledge en celebrating the cooperation between Krinkels and NS

The roads and trails are very icy and you need to go to work by train. On your way to the station, you try to make your way through the mushy snow and you slither over the slippery sidewalk. But when you finally reached the station you see the platforms are completely ice-free! This is because of the hard work by employees of Krinkels, whose sole responsibility it is to keep all stations snow- and ice-free.

Krinkels & NS

In this customized game, we simulated three days and nights with extreme weather conditions. Every team was responsible for a number of stations in their part of the fictive Nödwerhland. The Krinkel-teams determined which means to use, how many teams to deploy and… where to begin in the first place. Is it smart to begin at the station with the most travelers or to start with the most snowed in station? The main objective was twofold: not causing any culpable incidents and carrying as much travelers as possible safely. The participants were also put to the test by a busy schedule. Using big planning boards, every team created their own ideal strategy for the area they were responsible for. The most efficient and effective team, won the game!

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