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Serious Games

Client: Jack Link's

Location: The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom

Target group: the German, Dutch, Belgian and English brand management teams and 300 employees

Objective: kick-off and review of the results of the past year

During the online game “Jack Link’s Adventure World”, the players from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom look back on the results from the past year and kick-off the new year in a surprising way. Highly interactive and playful, the teams visit five Jack Link’s attractions. At the Ferris Wheel, they get to know the new Vega objectives. At the Rollercoaster, the participants get an update about the developments regarding the BIFI-sausage.


Jack Link's


Each attraction is concluded with a short interactive quiz. Everyone follows a different route and the participant who gets the best results on the quizzes, wins an exciting prize. Who doesn’t want to win a chewing gum machine, a popcorn machine, or tickets to an amusement park? After four hours, all players log off feeling fulfilled and enthused.

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