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Client: Eriks

Location: The Netherlands

Target group: 80 executives of Eriks

Objective: learn to cope with changes based on current conditions

This game is all about change management. The best metaphor for change is steering a ship. Ships on a mission to provide islands with resources! A ship that is partially dependent on the weather conditions and water currents. Are the teams able to maintain their direction?

The game is introduced with an exciting introductory film. During round 1, the teams need to plan a route on the ocean map at the center of the room based on incomplete information. They also determine how to distribute their initial budget and which ship they need to buy (each with their own benefits and risks). At the beginning of round 2, new information is revealed. While navigating their ship on the ocean map, participants need to apply the new information and brave unexpected circumstances. Lightning strikes, ill crew members and ice floes challenge the teams. The team that arrives at the final island with all the necessary resources, wins!

What participants do not know, is that there is a final third round…A curtain in the room opens and a second ocean map is revealed! We challenge the teams to reach the mainland as quickly as possible, while also merging the teams. Cooperation and sharing information is more important than ever. The game has ended when all teams come together at the main port.


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