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Client: Eriks

Target group: 80 executives of Eriks

Target: During the game the participants experience in a playful manner how to cope with changes in het best possible way and how to adjust the course based on current circumstances

The theme of this gathering was ‘Change Management’. The best way to symbolize change is to  steer a ship. And not just any ship, a ship on a mission to provide islands with relief supplies! But also a ship that partly depends on weather conditions and the ever changing current. Are the teams able to maintain their course? Teamwork is key to keep your feet dry and to successfully complete the mission.

The game starts with an exciting introductory film about a fierce storm. The storm had caused eight islands in the Pacific Ocean to become dependent on relief supplies. It is up to the executives of Eriks to provide the supplies as quickly as possible.

During round one, eight teams receive an ocean map with coordinates, a starting position and several locations they need to visit to pick up relief supplies. They chart a route based on this (incomplete) information. In addition, they decide how to distribute their initial budget. There are several ships to choose from: big vessels with a powerful engine; beneficial during a storm, or smaller boats that are cheaper and consume less bunker oil but also have fewer storage space. After much deliberation, the teams buy their own ships and take place at their starting positions on the ocean map.



Round two begins with the reveal of new information. The participants eagerly divide tasks and try to accurately provide the captain with enough information to move forward. Wind from the right direction helps the teams to move faster. But they also need to conquer unexpected events. Lightning strikes, sick crew members and shifted icebergs make the journey difficult. The first team that reaches their destination with all required relief supplies wins round two.

What the participants don’t know is that round three immediately follows. The curtain opens and there lies a second ocean map. We challenge the participants, in two fleets of four teams, to reach the mainland as quickly as possible. Collaboration and sharing information is more important than ever! The ribbon at the rear of the boat beautifully shows which course the teams have taken. At first, they have chosen their own path, but eventually they all come together in the harbour.

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