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Dierenbescherming (Animal Protection)

Dierenbescherming (Animal Protection)
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Employer Branding Games

Employer Branding Games

Client: Dierenbescherming (Animal Protection)

Target group: All employees and volunteers

Objective: To clarify their standpoints

We were approached by Animal Protection. They were looking for an online tool they could use to clarify their standpoints in a fun and interactive way. For example: what does Animal Protection think of consuming meat? Do they expect all employees and volunteers to be vegetarians or can they only eat organic meat? This topic is one of the issues that frequently is the subject of discussion with the volunteers and employees. Animal Protection wanted to clarify their believes once and for all. An important part of their message was that it is okay to disagree sometimes, and that we should respect each other’s opinions. Agree to disagree.


In order to reach that goal we developed a web-based app where participants take part in a quiz. This quiz contained questions of multiple standpoints such as animal breeding or animal sports. Employees and volunteers would log in and answers questions to earn as much puppy points as possible. Extra information about their views was shared in articles and videos on the app. The winner earned a surprise package!

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