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Serious Games

Client: Carglass

Target group: Service technicians from all Service Centres

Target: Connection with the client

Businessgames developed the Business Game ‘Experts that give attention’ for Carglass Netherlands. This game was executed at several Carglass locations throughout the Netherlands. In this serious game it is all about making contact, and connecting with the client. Divided over different Service Centres teams and clients teams the participants competed against each other. Half of the Carglass employees were asked to step in their client’s shoes and portray premeditated profiles. The other half of Carglass employees represented the Service Centre teams and tried to unravel the client’s needs.

During the game the participants had to critically observe one another. After all, we can learn a lot from each other! Which Service Centre team wins the game by asking the right questions? Who is a real ‘Expert that gives attention’?

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