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In the ‘Airplanning’ game, everything revolves around planning, communication and finding out the customer’s wishes. The participants play the role of a buyer from an airline company or as a member of a manufacturing team. Are the teams able to make proper agreements with each other? Will they communicate internally so that everyone is aware of the customer needs?

Airplanning Management Business Game
The objective of the manufacturers is to build new airplanes for airline companies. The airline companies gladly want to buy airplane parts and products from the manufacturers, but only if they’re of good quality and for a good price. The teams organize and improve their internal processes, namely their flow of information, product and funding. Both efficient communication between the different links and an overview of the chain are of great importance. Do they also take into account the inventories, lead time and cashflow?

A team can only be successful when everything has been considered. Or else it’s at the expense of customer satisfaction and the final result. Just like in the real world!

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