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University of Amsterdam

University of Amsterdam
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Client: University of Amsterdam

Target group: 400 first year students

Target: experience that collaboration is beneficial for all parties involved.

‘Become a global citizen and engage with the world’. This was the culture week’s theme for the freshmen at the University of Amsterdam.  We played 4 games with a total of 400 students during their culture week.

The participants were divided over 12 unique teams. While competing against each other, the teams also needed each other in order to achieve their personal and common goal. Both the right and left part of the brain were used during the first round in order to determine a mission, vision and strategy. The identity was reflected in a self-made flag. Round two was all about collaboration and searching for a win-win situation. Did the teams manage to look across borders when an incident hit the entire group? During the three hours of gaming, the students experienced the power of the Gestald model: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

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