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Management Games

Client: CIZ

Target group: all 700 employees

Target: ‘Discovering the Five Guiding Principles’

Centrum Indicatiestelling Zorg (CIZ) was in the midst of developing a change strategy for the organisational culture they wanted. They wanted to introduce the key changes to all 700 employees in an energetic and light-hearted manner during a major event. ‘On a journey’ was the theme and soon all employees had discovered the Five Guiding Principles in a playful way, because they shaped the path along which CIZ was going to change.

During this dazzling game, everyone came in contact with each other and there was plenty of laughter. The participants expressed their ideas about the Five Guiding Principles in a creative way. In the morning we accompanied one and the same session for the managers and team coaches. They then knew the tips and tricks of the game, which meant they were able to coach their teams directly during the afternoon session. The day was closed with a huge party with delicious food, a drink and a dance for those who dared. The entire event took place at SugarCity and was organised in cooperation with various parties.

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