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AstraZeneca Netherlands

AstraZeneca Netherlands
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Serious Games

Client: AstraZeneca

Target group: All 180 employees of AstraZeneca the Netherlands.

Target: To provide insights in the development process of medication, the company’s new business model and team building.

We hosted the annual AstraZeneca gathering for all the employees. All 180 participants grouped up to play two large games simultaneously. The game offered a look into the clinical research trajectory that precedes the production of a new medicine, in addition to the introduction of the new business model.

We divided the day into three parts: first off a morning session in the opportunity lab, then exploring the new business model, and lastly discovering collaboration possibilities in the end game.

The morning session in the opportunity lab provided many rooms filled with various posters, documents and strategies  that portraited many different aspects of clinical processes and the market. The participant’s task in this session was to make a choice between different medications and various research questions based on the information provided.

Afterwards the participants had to present their chosen market strategy by making a creative video pitch in front of a green screen.

In the second part the participants had to complete the company’s new business model by calling in the company’s expert coaches that were patrolling the building. These expert coaches provided assistance, made the teams think and rewarded correct answers.

In the third and final part all 180 participant came together. The AstraZeneca teams joined forces with medical specialists to come up with as many collaborations as possible. Did the hospital representing teams reach the correct DMU? Were objectives reached? All and all, a spectacular closing to end a day filled with gaming!

In the end the CEO and management of AstraZeneca showed the top 3 of the green screen video pitches to the whole company. The participants then chose a winning team. They went home with some amazing prices.

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